Sunday, 01 April 2018 14:35

"Arboriculturist for a day" with children from "Hristo Botev" Primary School - Ostrovo village

Under the motto "The Children and Forest of Bulgaria for the Future of Green Europe", this year's "Arboriculturist for a day" joint venture took place with the children from "Hristo - Botev" Primary School - Ostrovo, Municipality of Savvet, where the hunters from the State Hunting "Voden - Iri Hissar". The event was attended by all children from the 1st to the 7th grade. The employees of LDS "Voden-Iri Hisar" took a look at the special exhibition, which prepared the children with their models and panels with materials from nature. Everyone was delighted with the children's works and the variety of techniques they used to make the models. Students from the Primary School have learned what the foresters are doing. Finally, students, teachers and employees of "Voden - Iri Hisar" played together games related to the recognition of objects from nature and wildlife. The feast ended with giving gifts to all small participants in the "Arboriculturist for a day" initiative.

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