Kiril Kolev


 Born in 1986 in the town of Parvomay / Plovdiv /. He graduated with honors "Hristo Botev" - Velingrad, specialty "Hunting and Forestry". Master of "Hunting and Fisheries" at the University of Forestry (also with honors). From the graduation of the university until May 2014 is "Hunting Organizer" at ISKAR State Hunting Enterprise. In May 2014, he started working at the same position at the State Hunting Area - VODEN-IRI HISAR. Since January 2015, he has been Deputy Director. Director of the holding, and since June 2015 - Director. He lives with the thought of returning the glory of "VODEN-IRIS HISAR" and turning it into one of the world's leaders in the management of red deer and fallow deer.

Dedicated entirely to his profession.Bachelor.




Born October 15, 1966 in the city of Razgrad. Graduate of Forestry High School in Velingrad. He works in "Voden Iri Hisar" since January 1, 1987. The most experienced hunting guide in the hunting area. He has experienced various periods and management policies in "Voden", which has gathered enormous experience. He has led hundreds of hunters on Red Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar and European bison. Always accompanied by a perfectly working dog bloodsucker. Married, with one child.


Veselin Petrov


Born in 1969. He graduated from the Technical College in Teteven. He began work at "Iris Hissar" in 1991. He has been gaining experience as a hunting leader at "Iris Hissar" since the time when the hunting area of Voden was on a world level. The biggest Red Deer trophy, shot by a client he led, is 14.00 kg.

The hunters who visits for second time the hunting area always prefer his leading. Hunting guide with an innate sense of hunting, fully committed to bringing the hunt to a successful end (to the smallest detail from which everything can depend); a nice company who finds common issues with everyone - a Bulgarian or a foreigner, regardless of the language barrier. Married with one child.

IMG 7cd53cac65762cf6ed1bb86b35563529 V 1 GEORGI PRODANOV

Born in 1985. Graduated in Forestry Technical College in Teteven. He grew up in the forests of "Iris Hissar". He knows each part of the forest. For several years he has been involved with the area's security, but meantime he has gained a lot of experience as a hunting guide. Bachelor.



Born in 1986. Graduate of Technical College in Teteven. He grew up in the forests of "Iris Hissar". Despite his youth, he has gained a lot of experience as a hunting guide. Bachelor.


Born in 1986. Graduate of Technical College in Teteven. Fully engaged in hunting and development of the hunting area of Voden.


Born in 1993. Graduate in Teteven. Multilateral interests aimed at hunting, dogs, off-road, fast cars and fitness. It's hard to keep him in one place for a long time. Still young for marriage.




Born in 1994. Graduate in Teteven. Young, enthusiastic and with a great desire to work. Still young for marriage.

 NATALYA, NADYA and SNEZHKAnatalia nadq snejka yordanka

The friendly hosts of Hunting Residences "First Home", "Second Home" and "Third Home" and "Iri Hissar" Hunting House. They welcome and send guests from all over the world, in an old Bulgarian custom "with bread and salt", always smiling and in good mood.


 Wagon Drivers

Halmi (Engeleka), Nedzhati (Jockey), Mehmed (Little Jockey), Adem (Naki) and Spas (Pacho).
People who carry out throughout the year feeding of game with carts. They give a particular color to the farm.


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