The main activity of the Enterprise is agriculture, with large areas of fertile land covering over 12,000 acres, there isfull mechanization of the process and the area incorporates an important biotope for the main kinds of game and makes the agriculture important for the development of this region. The main crops include wheat, barley, corn, oats, and sunflowers, there is also one third of the fields that are left for grazing the wildlife.

One of the main characteristics of the agriculture in this region is the summer sowing of cereals crops, this is undertaken during July and August, and are being sown in fields that should be green and provide food for wildlife in late summer, September to October. This sowing covers about 50% of the game fields which is an area in the region of 2,000 acres.

Updating, renewing and maintaining of the agricultural machinery and fleet are also very important. The latest purchase is a 190 hp tractor, the older one was 120hp. The Enterprise also has its own combine harvester, mowers, balers, and many other smaller implements.

Production of alfalfa and senna grasses on the meadows provides roughage to feed the wildlife, the surplus amounts are released to be sold on the market.
Good planning and implementation of agro-technical activities guarantee efficient biotope usage and enough grazing for wildlife.

There is a project underway to form a herd of prime breeds of cows that will be totally free grazing; these will only be controlled by electric fences and have little human intervention. This will ensure the a regular supply of meat and dairy products that meets the needs of the hunting lodges and employees, produced to a standard laid down by the Enterprise in terms of organic free range production.

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