DLS "Voden - Iri Hissar" includes two Hunting Technical Divisions (HTD):

1. HTD "Voden" with an area of 8, 127.6 hectares, spreads across three municipalities – Razgrad, Zavet and Isperih. The headquarters of HTD is in the area of "Voden."

2. HTD "Iri-Hissar" with an area of 6, 366.7 hectares also located in three municipalities – Glavinitsa, Zavet and Isperih. The headquarters of HTD is in the area "Iri-Hissar".

The territory of the Enterprise is dominated by deciduous trees: various species of oak, linden, ash, beech, acacia, hornbeam and quercus. The coniferous trees are represented by white and black pine but only amount 0.5% of the total canopy.
Average annual growth of timber is about 42,300 m3, and use is around 12 500 m3.

Reforestation is natural and universal across the area, and there is no need for manual replanting. Forest management is carried out by properly conducting cutting to preserve the native species.
In terms of age, the forest is one of the oldest in the country, 25% of the trees are over 120 years old and 30% are over 80 years old.

An area of special interest is the richest Dendropark (manmadeforest park), which covers about 600 hectares. It was stared back in the 1960s, when "Voden" had not yet been established as a Hunting Enterprise. The forestation of the park was achieved by using a variety of local and exotic species from nurseries throughout the country. Some of the most attractive trees are giant redwood, osage-orange, Turkish hazel, red oak, cedar, larch, pencil tree, coleus, golden rain tree, catalpa and many others. There are also shrubs including: Japanese quince, vinca, mahoney, climbing juniper, prickly juniper and sour milk thistle.

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