Hunting Activities

A characteristic feature of theEnterprise is that it is a forest area, dotted with open spaces in the form of game fields, meadows and pastures. The whole area is a forestry island, located among the vast agricultural blocks of Ludogorie. The goal of most hunting activities is to create optimum conditions for the development of the game, thereby reducing migration outside theEnterprise. The location and conditions ensure quality feeding and a peaceful environment, this all helps to avoid predators (including dogs) allowing the animals to thrive.

In recent years, great attention has been paid to the restoration of wild overgrown areas. Many fields that were once highly productive farm land have been left uncared for and are now littered with shrubs and trees, which mean they are virtually lost to the game. To help rectify this, the use of specialized equipment like shredders are being used to "digest" the existing biomass and spreading it back over the area. In places where large machines cannot be used the operations are carried out by hand with brush cutters and chain saws. After continuous work and plowing arable land can be recovered, this can then be sowed with appropriate annual or perennial crops.
All open areas on theEnterprise are managed appropriately. Some of the fields are used for the production of animal fodder; some are used for free grazing and others for the production of alfalfa and senna grasses.

Another characteristic of the business is the daily use of horse-drawn carriages to distribute supplementary food and perform other hunting activities. This helps keep the forest roads intact and introduces a human presence to the game, which they become use to. The carriages are also used for the hunters which do not alarm the animals.

One of the main activities on a day to day basis is the protection of the game from poaching.

Unfortunately, since Bulgaria has become democratic, there have been dramatic increases in the variety of methods used by poachers. These include, search light hunting from vehicles, quiet driven hunts and local techniques with specially trained dogs catching the game and the poachers killing them with knives, as well as combination of these. Nobody can accurately give account of the amount of damage that has been caused, but undoubtedly this is enormous. The most valuable population of Red deer in the world is plagued by so called local dignitaries, hungry for meat! After the inauguration of the DLS "Voden - Iri Hissar" as a territorial division of „Northern central state enterprise" DP, game now has a real owner and the fight against illegal hunting has helped herds grow and the losses are within acceptable limits.

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