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The Season of Red Deer`s Hunt'2018

THE HUNTING SEASON OF RED DEER'2018 ended in the State Hunting Farm "Voden-Iri Hisar".
The balance is:
- 7 trophy deer were shot;
- Of these, 5 trophies are rated with a silver medal and two with bronze;
- the most important thing is that two red deer, aged 12 and 14 years ago were shot in the season of 2018.
During the last three seasons, the director of the DLS "Voden -Iry Hissar" - eng. Kiril Kolev has a policy against the shooting of trophy deer under 10 years. In this connection, annual training courses for the training of hunting drivers before the Red Deer hunting season are organized. The courses are led by lecturers from the University of Forestry.
Another initiative of the management of the holding is the annual review of fallen horns of red deer. The analysis of the collected fallen horns contributes to the better planning of the upcoming hunting season and gives information on the state of the red deer population in the area of ​​the farm.
As a last hint of the overall policy of the red deer shooting,before the arrival of the first hunting group, the farm director organizes a discussion with all the hunting guides on the farm attended and commented on photos of the red deer made by photo caps and time of observations by hunting guides.
In addition, a mechanism has been written to stimulate employees in the right shooting and accordingly sanctions when wrong.
The overall policy of the director of the DLS  "Voden-Iri Hisar" has achieved good results during the last season of the Elena hunting. In the season of 2018, unique trophies were produced, with the oldest deer shot in September 2018 at the age of 12 and 14.

Photos: Eng. Tsvetomir Tsolov

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