Sunday, 22 October 2017 04:40


This year's event was hosted by DLS Rosica. In the area of "Lagat" were exposed 42 specimens of the 2017 hunting season, harvested from the territory of the TP DLS "Rositsa", TP DLS "Voden-Iri Hisar", TP DLS "Dunav" - Rousse, TP DGS Silistra - DU "Zli  Dol ", TP DGS "Seslav"- town of Kubrat and trophies from SIDP TP DLS "Cherni Lom" - Popovo.

Guests of the event were Eng. Gogov - Executive Director of the Executive Forest Agency, Razgrad Governor Gunay Husmen and Deputy Governor of Veliko Tarnovo Iveta Kabakchieva, Directors of the North-East and North-Western State Enterprise, Directors of the Regional Directorates of Forests in Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia, hunting and forest functionary.

Before the official opening for the general public, a forum was held with the hunting guides from the farms, and during the inspections each of them explained the reasons for allowing the specimen to be shot. A basic principle in the shooting is to keep the strong and promising for the population animals, categorical hunting agents.


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